“The Martian Chronicles” Residency

is a production of LatoMeio Project and will take place in Leonidio, Greece, in 2017.

The residency will take place in an abandoned Quarry in the middle of the Mountains and is addressed to people of any field of interest, as long as they can envision a link to another field in a way that collaboration and co-creation are the ourturn of this meeting.

The residency is base on the book of Ray Bradbury “The Martian Chronicles”, of which we derive our initial inspiration.

More details about the conduct of the residency will be slowly announced during the year.

Please wait and stay tuned with our updates and activities during this period of time.

This webpage will be the main info point for the updates of the residency, although you can follow our side activities on:

LatoMeio Project fb page

LatoMeio Project Vimeo

See you soon…